The metal scaffolding industry C. HOUNTOUMADIS S.A. was founded by Konstantinos Hountoumadis back in 1975. Since then the industry constructs and offers for selling or renting a wide range of metal products as scaffoldings, tribunes stages and special constructions for Greece and abroad.

The company has built strong bounds with some of the greatest Greek construction companies and athletic associations, contributing with its special products and its experience for solving all kind of technical problems and erecting not only private but also national projects of every scale.

Since 2008 the company has moved to its privately owned establishment in the Industrial area of Avlonas, where the offices and the production section of the company cover over 2.500sqm, putting into action a long term project of organization and modernization. The company is powered by its human sources and its experienced colleagues (mechanics, technicians and office staff) ready to respond to any design and production challenge posed by the market needs.



Three years after the foundation of the company, in 1978, C. HOUNTOUMADIS S.A. built the first prefabricated theatre and stadium tribunes as well as stages introducing to the Greek market new products designed and constructed in Greece.

1996 - 2008

In 1996, the company moved to Marousi and in 2003 moved again to Metamorfosi due to the Olympic construction projects. Very soon, in 2008, the company invested in production means as well as in design and certification of new products. The same year a field of 7.000sqm was bought in Avlonas to establish the offices and the production, which is specially equipped with heavy machinery.


The company since 2010 is constantly renewing her equipment, through European programs, buying state of the art machinery that includes even robotics of every type (CNC machines, robotic welding machines etc.). This constant renewal has brought the company to a level even to this of the largest European companies.


Towards the end of 2012, Yellow Scaffolds, a daughter company, is being founded in Doha of Qatar. Yellow Scaffolds, despite the young of her age has already taken on large private and national projects.


C. HOUNTOUMADIS S.A., since the year of her birth until now has set two main goals and by these is marching through time:

  1. Production and in time delivery of safe functional and practical products
  2. Constant development in technical and economical level with main goal the abroad markets

In order to fulfill the above goals, the company is obliged to follow every quality aspect or request of the Greek and international legislations that refer to scaffolds.

Nowadays the company is still on track to her goals applying its long term experience, its know-how and its modern production machine systems.


  • J&P ΑVAX
  • AKTOR S.A.
  • TERNA S.A.


All the company’s scaffolds are certified according to the Greek Legislation and are provided along with their certification and declaration of conformity respectively as requested by the Ministry Decision 16440/Φ10.4/445 (Government Paper 756/28-9-93) for safe construction and use of metal scaffoldings.

Attestation of type examination class “6” for formwork scaffoldings according to the EN 1165 (HD 1000), EN 39 standard with certified metal working decks class “6” (heavy duty).

Attestation of type examination class “T1D3” for shoring scaffoldings and pylons of vertical loads according to the EN 39 standard. Attestation of type examination class “6” (heavy duty) for metal working decks according to the EN 12810, EN 12811 and EN 12812 standard respectively.

Attestation of type examination class “6” (heavy duty) for working platform with metal frame and wooden final surface with anti-slip filmwire according to the EN 12810 and EN 12811 standard respectively.

At the present time, the company is in the middle of the certification procedure for her new products (galvanized metal scaffoldings and mobile scaffold).



C. HOUNTOUMADIS S.A. provides all her products not only for selling but for renting purposes as well. When needed the company offers her services regarding the static study of a project, the supervision of it and its maintenance.

The well trained and experienced crew of the company erects the scaffolding with primer goal the safety of those that will be using it.

The company offers detailed explanation of the erection instructions not only while delivering its products but at any time this is needed by its customers.

The company is able to take over the static study of any project according to the Greek Legislation’s requests.

Our experienced human resource is in position of taking over the supervision of projects in order to maximize the safety of those that will be using its scaffoldings and to deliver a proper result.

C. HOUNTOUMADIS S.A. is able to take the responsibility of the maintenance and requested alternation of any scaffold, tribune, stage or metal construction with safety and functionality to be its top priority.