C. HOUNTOUMADIS S.A. provides all her products not only for selling but for renting purposes as well. When needed the company offers her services regarding the static study of a project, the supervision of it and its maintenance.

Κ. Χουντουμάδης Α.Τ.Β.Ε.


The company manufactures and sells and rents a variety of metal products such as scaffolding, stands, platforms & special metal structures in privately owned facilities 2500sqm in the industrial area of Avlona, Attica

Κ. Χουντουμάδης Α.Τ.Β.Ε.


The well trained and experienced crew of the company erects the scaffolding with primer goal the safety of those that will be using it.

Κ. Χουντουμάδης Α.Τ.Β.Ε.


The company offers detailed explanation of the erection instructions not only while delivering its products but at any time this is needed by its customers.

Κ. Χουντουμάδης Α.Τ.Β.Ε.


The company is able to take over the static study of any project according to the Greek Legislation’s requests. Our experienced human resource is in position of taking over the supervision of projects in order to maximize the safety of those that will be using its scaffoldings and to deliver a proper result.

Κ. Χουντουμάδης Α.Τ.Β.Ε.


C. HOUNTOUMADIS S.A. is able to take the responsibility of the maintenance and requested alternation of any scaffold, tribune, stage or metal construction with safety and functionality to be its top priority.